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14 Eric Brown

Eric Brown

Senior Pastor
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Meet Pastor Eric Brown, our senior pastor. He is married to Robin (Buck) Brown. They have two great kids, Aaron and Alyssa. It won’t be long before you experience their love for God’s people and especially their enthusiasm to be about God’s work. Everything about their ministry here is to help us discover God’s love for us and to build a relationship with Jesus and then, share Him to the community around us.

Pastor Eric has taken on one of our largest outreach ministries – the Easter musical – as our director. His enthusiasm to tell the story of Jesus’ life, death and the good news about the resurrection to our neighbors infuses us all. We have discovered that he is also skilled for construction, planning and administration. His friendly acceptance and well known laughter bring a joy and confidence to our campus.

DAVIS, TYE; (Staff)31

Tye Davis

Youth and Family Life Pastor
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Pastor Tye Davis is our pastor for youth and family life. He is married to Cambria (Mensink) Davis who is our music teacher at Lake City Junior Academy. It will not take you long to discover that he loves Jesus and knows that Jesus loves him. Pastor Tye’s passion is to help youth and families discover for themselves the joy that comes from having a relationship with Jesus. He also enjoys flying airplanes, riding motorcycles, working in his yard, and traveling with his wife. His energy, his excitement about sharing Jesus, and his love for people of all ages is a blessing to our church family and community.


Patti Schultz

Office Manager
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Full of life and a heart of service, Patti has faithfully served the Coeur d’Alene church for the past 12 years. She loves being at the front door of ministry and seeing how God works in the life of His church. Her passion is helping people, especially women, discover the healing power and touch of God’s Presence by spending time in the pages of God’s Word. When she isn’t involved in ministries at the church, including cooking for our Wed night community meal, she enjoys spending time with her husband Steve, her grown children whenever she can, and her precious grandchildren, Melia and Dainen. She’ll tell you that “there’s not a better church family to be connected with. I love the people here and working together to share God to our community.”